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Payment and Shipping Policy

DEPOSIT: A non refundable deposit is required to hold a puppy in your name until he/she is old enough to leave my home. The puppy is not "sold to you" until a deposit has been received. 

Please Note: To be fair, a puppy will belong to the person that pays the deposit first. I do want to speak to the new puppy owner before the adoption takes place via phone and/or email depending upon the new owners' circumstances.

Balance Due: Balance of payment must be received five (5) days before the puppy is shipped...whether by ground transportation or air travel. If local pick up is arranged...the balance can be paid in cash when we meet on the day agreed upon.



I offer two methods of transportation:

1. Pet Ship Ground Transportation...This company gives the proper care in a clean, climate controlled environment necessary for a healthy arrival. Pet Ships' goal is to represent you with a standard of excllence in pet care and customer relations. From time to time..prices may change, however, I will have the updated shipping price when you and I discuss arrangements. As of August 5, 2013, the delivery price for a small puppy is $129.00 but does not include a travel crate. You will receive a confirmation email from Pet Ship which includes confirmation of your name, address, phone number and necessary information-also-including the drivers' cell phone number if you need to contact he or she. Pet Ship only picks up puppies every Monday morning. After pick up the driver will contact the new puppy owner via phone either on Monday evening or early Tuesday morning to discuss the arrival date, time, and local place to meet.


Please go to  and click on the option 'coverage map' to find out if your state is one of their ground coverage areas.


2. Ozark Jet A Pet... This company gives the proper care in a clean, climate controlled environment necessary for a healthy arrival to Lambert St. Louis Airport. This company has two shipping days:

  • Tuesday and Friday .... every week.
  • This company books the flight and sends a confirmation email to me with this information:
  • Date and Time of your puppys' arrival
  • Flight number/Confirmation number
  • Pick up location information

I, then, contact the new puppy owner via phone and email with the flight details. You will need two forms of identification..ex-drivers license and/or credit card with your name and flight details to pick up your new family member at the airport. The reason is for security make sure the puppy  is being given to the rightful puppy owner.

The shipping fee will vary due to the breed of puppy, size of puppy and to the airport he/she is flying into. The shipping fee does include a nice travel crate. I would need to call for pricing for flights into Canada and Alaska because shipping prices vary flying into Canada and Alaska depending upon location.


I am comfortable sending puppies with both companies listed above.