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Happy Puppy Parents!!!!

Hi Tammy,
The puppy arrived safe and sound. She loves to play outside and wants to be held all the time! My daughter won't let her go! Thanks for everything!
Hi Tammy,

Just wanted to let you know Thomas had a clean bill of health, and is doing great. He's a really good puppy.He is very laid back, and adjusting well to his new home.

Thanks again,


Hello Tammy!
I just want to thank you for everything. I want to tell you Colt is doing very good and the vet says that he's in excellent condition. He's been spoiled a lot and we are enjoying he's company.
Thank you so much again. Marianne~~~Bono, AR
Dear Tammy,
Thank you so very much for little Chase.  We picked him up at the airport on schedule and brought him home.  Chase is so well-mannered and friendly, and he made himself right at home - checking things out, playing with his toys, eating his chow and drinking his water.  He went to the door to let us know he had to go to the bathroom.  We didn't respond quickly enough the first time, but we did the second.  After all this, he took a nap.
If Chase is any indication, all of your animals must be wonderful!. He's a fine German Shepherd dog!!  My son and I can't thank you enough for all the love and care that, clearly, you provide for your pets. 
All the best,
Hi Tammy, 
I just wanted to let you now how Chip is doing.  He is an absolute sweetie!  He has the cutest mannerisms and even the Vet commented on how well socialized he is!

He loves the backyard and is intrigued by the pool.  His Dad bought him a lifejacket and he likes it.  He is fascinated by the birds and chipmunks.

Yesterday, he found his voice in the Vet's waiting room.  Everyone laughed when they heard him.  The more they laughed, the louder he barked.  It was too funny.

I am so glad we found your website and Chip.  We are so happy to have Chip in our family!

Take good care, Maureen

PS We named him Chip because he looks and acts like our Newfie did, only MUCH smaller - a "chip" off the old Newf!
Hi Tammy,
We received Cherish from you about a month ago.  She is doing great!!
My girlfriend really liked the way she smelled when she arrived and was wondering what you used.  Do you have a particular bath, powder or other product you used on Cherish?

Hi, just to let you know puppy now named nikki is doing well starting to play with my one year old. she is very loving and I am very happy with her. Thank you, mary lou
We've had Cherish for just over a month now.  She is the sweetest dog.  She has been a great addition to our family and we are very happy to have her.  Thank you for sending her to us!
Hi Tammy, just a short note and a picture "Jet" aka: Taz. I try using my cell phone to send pictures but that doesn't aways work. Thought you might like seeing how he looking at 6 months.He is such a good boy and a wonderful addition to our home. Carla or I will keep in touch with you from time to time to give you updates.
             Thank you again for making this happen !
Hi Tammy,
David and I just wanted to thank you for Zoey... she is such an amazing addition and blessing in our lives! She's 6 mths today and 45 lbs. Everyone tells us how beautiful and smart she is (by the second day at 9 wks old she was only going potty outside) More importantly she is great with our cat and with my 10 mth old nephew.. he will tug on her ears and she will go get one of his toys for him lol! The vet says she is a healthy German Shepherd and her umbilical hernia went away on its own. Zoey is everything we could have asked for and more in a puppy. Again thank you from the bottom of our hearts!
Zeus is doing amazing. He is very smart and loves life. He is such a loving dog and you can see it in his eyes. Thank you so much for helping me be able to have such a greatful thing in my life!